How to Reserve a date?

To secure a party date, a non-refundable deposit of $100.00  is required.


Our events are scheduled :

4pm -8pm on Fridays

11am , 2pm & 6pm on Saturdays *pajama party only @6pm

11am & 2pm on Sundays

Deposits should be sent only after your reservation has been discussed and finalized. For your convenience, deposits can be paid thru PayPal. Please do not make a deposit until your reservation has been confirmed by a member of the My Lil Party Princess staff.  Once a deposit has been made, party deposits are non refundable.



The remaining party balance is due on the day of the event, at that time only a cash payment will be accepted.

Parties requesting dates less than 2 weeks out will be subject to a $50 Rush Fee. Deposits accepted through PayPal Only and subject to online Transaction Fees.

NOTE: My Lil Party Princess Staff are not Professional makeup artist or licensed stylist. Services provided are for entertainment purposes only


 Where are the parties held?

At your desired location. We Bring the spa bus to you, we do require at least 25 feet for The Party Princess Bus & 40 feet for The Pretty Plush Bus of parking space for adequate street parking.



 How many girls Can the Spa Bus accommodate?

Our Packages include  8 guest (birthday girl included) on The Party Princess Bus & 10 guest on The Pretty Plush Bus. We gladly will accommodate additional guest . Please contact us directly if your event will extend 8 guest.

Siblings are NOT allowed on the Spa Bus, if they have not been counted as a party guest. NO Child under the age of 5 yrs old will be granted access NO EXCEPTIONS

* Please note 18% gratuity will be added to any event over 10 guest.

* If less than 8 attend your party, you will still be charged the full package price

 What are the Parking Requirements?

Please leave space for us to Park the Bus as close to possible by your drive way , as we do not park on drive ways. We do not park on hills nor do we travel up or down a hill.

Its the responsibility of the Parent to have available space for Parking, also to assure that guest do not park in front/behind of Spa Bus.

 What Area do you service?

Atlanta & Metro Atlanta Travel fee of $60.00 will be added to your final balance.

 What should be done for a child that has allergies?

The client is responsible for informing My Lil Party Princess of any allergies. If a guest should have severe allergies that we are unable to accommodate then either you or the child’s parent should provide alternate Spa Product for that child. We WILL NOT service a child without the parents permission if the child does not have a alternate Spa Product

What if a Child is Sick or appears to be sick?

Its Important that a child stays home to ensure the Safety of the other guest. We do have the right to refuse service to ANY child that displays symptoms of being sick.


 What happens if guests arrive late?

We have a pre-set schedule, so we are unable to wait for guests that arrive late. They may join the party at whatever point it has progressed upon their arrival. A $50.00 fee will be charged for any event that starts 10 mins. Late 

No Exceptions will be allowed

 Are parents allowed on the Spa Bus?

Due to the limited space parents ARE NOT allowed on the spa bus during the event. We encourage  parents to kick back and allow the girls to be pampered & have fun.  This is a high energy party with lots of movement. We request that adults wait in area that is non-interfering for the event. However we will allow the guest of honor parent to join in the fun and take pictures.

We will provide Parents with our FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM as we will live stream throughout the event.

 What happens if the Bus has Mechanical Issues the Day of the Event?

We do take pride in servicing our Spa Bus and keeping her well maintenance

However mechanical issues do arise that aren't with in our control. If this does arise parents will be notified and will have the option of having the event set up in the home. The girls will experience the same fabulous fun as if they were on the Spa Bus.


 Can the parent serve food on the Spa bus?

NO, food is not allowed on the Spa Bus, we will provide beverages refreshments to the spa party guest.  


My Lil Party Princess may use pictures from our parties for promotional purposes on our website/advertising. 

 Your Obligation
Customer agrees to have the hold harmless & photo release printed and ready to be signed by each guest parent. Customer agrees to provide access into the home for fresh water, or to set up additional parts of the event (paint party, pajama tents or tablescape) Parents are responsible for providing a standard 6ft folding table and standard folding chairs

 Additional Policies
Customer agrees to hold and keep harmless My Lil Party Princess, its agents and employees from any and all property damages and/or bodily injury damage caused by the customer’s guests, or other persons attending party. Customer agrees to not hold My Lil Party Princess responsible for inclement weather or other acts of God that may cause the cancellation of the party. Should something of this nature cause the cancellation of the party, My Lil Party Princess shall apply any remaining monies due to another party date and location that is mutually agreeable to both parties. In the event of damage or loss of My Lil Party Princess Inventory and or damage or loss at the Party’s location, the financial responsibility lies entirely with the contracted client. The client assumes all liability and responsibility for allergic reactions or any other medical reaction stemming from the menu, wearing of costumes or any activity taken place before, during or after the party.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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